About Us

How it all got started:

Joe Wright, President of Total Power Sweeping Services, Inc., was a chief engineer for 11 years. As chief engineer, one of Joe’s responsibilities was to find a sweeping company to clean and maintain his sites. With few options at the time, Joe saw his opportunity in the niche, sweeping market and seized it! With Joe’s extensive experience in commercial management and Margaret Wright’s years of office administration, they were able to start Total Power Sweeping Services, Inc. on January 4th, 1999. Since then, the family owned company has grown and been very successful.

The Team

Joe Wright
Founder of Total Power Sweeping Services, Inc.
Contact Info: info@totalsweep.com
Margaret Wright
Vice President
Co-founder of Total Power Sweeping Services, Inc.
Contact Info: margaret@totalsweep.com
Sabrina Wright
Office Administration
Sabrina is the day-to-day office contact. If there are any questions Sabrina is there to help. She is responsible for coordinating jobs, writing up proposals, estimates, work orders, and much more.
Contact Info: sabrina@totalsweep.com
Joined the Team: June 2015
Anna Wright
Payroll Administrator
Anna handles everything employee related-from creating employee files to printing the checks. She also assists with daily office operations.
Contact Info: anna@totalsweep.com
Joined the Team: December 2013
Kevin Hitt
Maintenance Supervisor
Kevin is the leader of our maintenance team. He is responsible for making sure everything maintenance related gets done right.
Joined the Team: June 2009
Guy Keith
Night Route Supervisor
Guy manages the night routes, drivers, and laborers. He is responsible for making sure the routes get completed properly and that our customer’s sites look their best.
Joined the Team: November 2006
Brandon Cook
College & University Supervisor
Brandon manages our College and University night routes. His quick thinking and leadership skills aid in his ability to get things done.
Joined the Team: August 2012
Keith Wilson
Senior Mechanic
Keith keeps our sweeper trucks in tip-top shape. A daily check of the trucks and his mechanic knowledge help prevent truck related issues, so we can sweep every night!
Joined the Team: June 2008
Abigail Wright
Future Boss
Daughter of Joe and Margaret Wright- Abigail is very ambitious. She dreams of being a TPSSI boss, martial arts instructor, and dragon trainer. Although she is still young, Abby loves to help around the office. She explains, “I can call people, work on the computer, look through papers, go down stairs, talk to people, go to the trucks, and shred papers!”
Born/ Joined the Team: April 2007

A Few TPSSI Customers:

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